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October 04, 2023
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  President - Joe Paul
  Letter to Tim Holmes ( Grievances) Pkg, 1-7-2016
  Letter to PM Tim Holmes 10-22-2015
  Labor-Management Agenda Package, Seminole 12-3-2015
  Letter to Ms. Gornik, APWU Labor-Mgmt Summary, 12-13-2015
  President's Report, 12-18-2015
  Letter to Ms. Gornik (MS-47 TL-5) 12-20-2015
  Letter to Judy Farrell ( AUGER) 1-11-2016
  Posting Letter 1-13-2016
  Steward's Training 1-17-2016
  Updates (Express Mail) 1-23-2016
  President's Report 02-11-2016
  Posting Letter (Passports--Fundenburg) 03-25-2016
  Letter to Debra Gornik (AWOL/Late) 3-31-2016
  Letter to Shandow (Hangman's Noose) 3-31-2016
  Letter to Willard (RFIs) 4-10-2016
  Letter to Willard (Time Deviations-Package) 4-10-2016
  Updates 1-28-2016
  Letter to Willard, 5-1-2016 (Step 1 USPS Designees)
  Letter to Shandor (Operation 117) 5-2-2016
  President's Report, 5-12-2016
  Letter to Holmes, 5-18-2016
  President's Report 6-9-2016
  Letter to PM's - Tragedy Orlando 6-13-2016
  Weingarten Rights Letter 02-16-2016
  President's Report, 7-15-2016
  Letter to Willard, (Lockers-Parking Lot) 7-21-2016
  Town Hall Telecom Updates from 7-21-2016
  Letter to Shandor (AFCS Bid) 7-28-2016
  Letter to Shandor (II-Bullying) 8-4-2016
  President's Report 8-11-2016
  Letter to MPOO Concerns (Associate Office) 11-5-2016
  President's Report 9-8-2016
  Letter to Shandor (Training) 9-15-2016
  Letter to Shandor (Modified MHs in Clerk Craft) 9-28-2016
  Letter to Shandor (Items) 8-14-2016
  President's Report 2-9-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Pkg) Steward's Time 2-16-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Heat) 7-7-2016
  American Income Life Insurance Company (pkg) 11-9-2016
  Posting (LMOUs) 11-9-2016
  President's Report 11-10-2016
  Letter to Alicia Lake (pkg) 12-6-2016
  President's Report 12-8-2016
  Letter to Tim Holmes (OT) 12-13-2016
  Union Leadership Meeting 12-14-2016
  President's Report 1-12-2017
  Letter to Alicia Lake - Safety and Health 1-26-2017
  Letter to AO Level 21-22 PO 1-27-2017
  Letter to Cindy Buzzard (Article 13) 7-1-2016
  Letter to Neftali - HR 2-22-2017
  Letter to Streeper (NTFT) 2-24-2017
  Letter to Shandor (PS Form 3971) 2-26-2017
  Letter to Heidi Vaillancourt 3-6-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Discipline) 3-16-2017
  Letter to Tim Holmes 3-28-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Bid Changing) 4-4-2017
  Letter to Romano (Art. 25 - Higher Level) 4-4-2017
  Letter to Romano (In-Service - with VOIDED Letter) 4-7-2017
  Letter to Widows (Reversions) 4-13-2017
  Letter to Widows (Reversions - Pkg) 4-20-2017
  Letter to Widows 4-21-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Time badge - Pkg) 5-1-2017
  President's Report 10-13-2016
  Letter to Tim Holmes (LOD Issues) 10-22-2016
  President’s Report 8-10-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Restrooms) 8-19-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Restrooms - Second Letter) Pkg 8-22-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Hazmat Issue) 9-1-2017
  President's Report 9-14-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Hazmat) 9-25-2017
  Letter to Kim Cribbs (Resolves) 9-25-2017
  Hazmat Questions & Answers by Don Shandor Pkg (White Powder) 9-26-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Hazmat Issue - Follow Up) 9-27-2017
  Letter to Tim Holmes (Pine Hills) 10-6-2017
  Letter to Shandor (OT Calls) 10-12-2017
  President's Report 10-12-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Updated Restrooms) 10-13-2017
  Letter to Tom Downs (Pkg) 10-16-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Closed Bids) 12-13-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Breakroom-Restroom Concerns) 10-22-2017
  Letter to Shandor (New F1 Hours) Pkg 10-25-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Steward Update (EM)) 10-25-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Radio-AMF) 11-7-2017
  Letter to Jeff Staker 11-11-2017
  Letter to Mike Willard (Mold) 11-13-2017
  Letter to Tom Downs (Lockers) 11-13-2017
  Letter to Shandor (Holiday-Time Cards-Form) 1-10-2018
  President's Report (and Statement Template Pkg) 1-11-2018
  Letter to Don Shandor (Steward Time-Denise) 1-22-2018
  Letter to Willard 1-30-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard (Town Hall Meeting) 2-7-2018
  President's Report (with Witness Statements) 2-8-2018
  Letter to Labor (Step 2 Compliance) 3-2-2018
  President's Report 3-8-2018
  Letter to Don Shandor (Turnstiles) 4-17-2018
  Letter to Don Shandor (PSEs) 5-15-2018
  President's Report 9-13-2018
  Letter to Ivey Green Jr 5-17-2018
  Letter to Management (Article 13.4.M-LMOU) 6-2-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard (Bullying) 6-28-2018
  President's Report 7-12-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard on Parking Lot Security (Orlando P&DC) 7-26-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard on Parking Lot Security (Orlando P&DC) 8-2-2018
  President's Report 8-9-2018
  Letter to Robert Roman (Steward's Time)
  Letter to Mike Willard (Local Forms) 6-11-2018
  President's Report 6-14-2018
  Letter to Shandor (Annex Operation) 11-9-2016
  Letter to Isaac Matthews Jr. (BMEU Reversion) 9-17-2018
  Letter to Willard (OT) 9-27-2018
  Letter to Lisa Lake (Annex Operations) 9-30-2018
  Letter to Wiggins-Silvas 10-9-2018
  President's Report 10-11-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard (Security-Turnstiles 1) 10-24-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard (Security-Turnstiles 2) 10-26-2018
  Letter to Downs & Tabb (Delgado) 11-2-2018
  President's Report 11-8-2018
  Letter to Mike Willard-Lisa Lake (Parking Lot Security) 11-14-2018
  Letter to Dean Moseley (RFIs) 11-30-2018
  Posting Update (Conversions) 12-7-2018
  President's Report 12-13-2018
  President's Report 1-10-2019
  Letter to Rich Howard (St. Cloud Concerns) 10-22-2019
  President's Report 11-14-2019
  President's Report 1-9-2020
  Letter to Mark Bevlin (DCBS Safety Concerns) 1-22-2020
  President's Report 2-13-2020
  Letter to Alicia Lake (Surveys-Focus Groups) 2-25-2020
  Letter to Diane Tindle (Surveys-Focus Groups) 2-25-2020
  Letter to Tracy Murray )Surveys-Focus Groups) 2-25-2020
  President's Report 4-5-2020
  CFAL Updates (Pay-Retro Checks-PSE Conversions) 4-13-2020
  President's Report 11-12-2020
  President's Report 1-13-2021
  President's Report 2-11-2021
  Letter to Congresswoman Val Demings (COVID) 4-8-2021
  President's Report 6-10-2021
  President's Report 7-8-2021
  Posting Notice (Lady Lake) 7-21-2021
  Stand Up Talk - Revised Face Mask Policy 8-27-2021
  President's Report 11-18-2021
  Letter to Editor (Ledger-Orlando Sentinel-Sun Sentinel) 10-4-2018
  In-Service Register (Custodial) for Seminole PDC 3-10-2018
  State President's Report Jan 2022
  State President Article - Highlights of the Tentative Contract
  President's Report 1-14-2022
  Highlights of the Tentative Contract 1-14-2022
  President's Report 2-10-2022
  President's Report 4-14-2022
  President's Report 5-12-2022
  President's Report 7-14-2022
  President's Report 2-9-2023
  President's Report 3-9-2023
  Postal Pulse Update 5-8-2023
  President's Report 6-8-2023
  Maintenance Craft - Ben Love
  Maintenance Craft Defeats Improper Excessing
  Winning 'Automatic' Remedies for Staffing Violations
  Letter to Postmaster Staker (RFI - BEM Reversion) 05-06-2016
  Second Letter to Postmaster Staker (RFI - BEM Reversion) 05-12-2016
  Finally, APWU Gets Official Copy of MS-1 Handbook
  Letter to Postmaster Seifer (RFI - LC Reversion) 6-24-2016
  Third Letter to Postmaster Staker (RFI - BEM Reversion) 05-13-2016
  Maintenance Craft Report 2-9-2017
  Report 2017 Fall Seminar in Tampa 9-19-2017
  Letter to Staker (Route Sheets) 12-11-2017
  Maintenance Craft Update 6-14-2018
  Maintenance Craft Update 8-9-2018
  2018 December Maintenance Seminar
  Maintenance Wins Significant Overtime Award
  Video Updates
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-16-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-22-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-31-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-6-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-8-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-12-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-16-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-30-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-7-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-13-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-21-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-28-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-4-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-10-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-18-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-25-2014
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 9-1-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 9-6-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 9-15-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 9-25-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 10-11-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 10-20-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 10-31-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 11-6-2017
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-27-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-12-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-19-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 1-23-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-2-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-9-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-29-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 2-6-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 2-28-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-16-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-30-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 4-17-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video on Investigative Interviews 4-24-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 4-24-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-10-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-16-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-30-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-14-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 11-29-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 12-7-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 12-13-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 12-20-2018
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 1-9-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 2-1-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 2-14-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-11-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 4-4-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 4-24-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 5-15-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-12-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-17-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-15-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 10-1-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 11-14-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 11-27-2019
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 1-9-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 2-13-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-13-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-19-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-11-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 11-12-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 12-9-2020
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 1-12-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 2-10-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-2-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 3-24-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 4-28-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 6-4-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 7-1-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 8-19-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 9-21-2021
  CFAL-1462 Video Update 12-14-2017
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  Everything you need to know about PSE's
  Steward Time Request Form
  Employee Statement (1.6) Stations & Branches
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